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As a Nutrition & Formulation Expert, I enjoy working with the media to educate people on the latest trends and research that may help them make informed decisions towards their own personal health journey.

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8 Popular Diet Tips Nutritionists Think You Should Ignore

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Popping One of These Yummy Lozenges Could Be the Secret to Never Overeating Again

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New Study Says BMI is Inaccurate Way to Measure Health

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Is Protein the Secret to Weight Loss?

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Foods to Naturally Detoxify and Help Trim Your Waistline!

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What is Fad Dieting Doing to Your Skin?

We have all experienced it! Fad diets focusing on imbalanced nutrition and claiming rapid weight loss (and there are millions out there!)

As a Nutritionist, I do believe “moderation and balance are key to optimal health and wellbeing.” Ultimately, the weight loss goal is to maximize fat loss (lipolysis) and minimize lean tissue loss (our metabolic fueling center.) With the plethora of diets out there, the success of the program may depend upon one’s age, health ... [read more]

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The Detox-Beauty Connection

It is only recently I have heard the hype regarding the health benefits of detoxification. But in reality, cleansing programs are not new and have been used as a means to rejuvenate the body and mind for many years. Today, we realize that we have managed to manipulate and drastically change the environment in which we live.  We have developed new ways to decrease the nutritional value of our food supply through processing and increased ... [read more]

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What Can You Do About Cellulite?

Cellulite refers to the dimpled appearance of the skin (usually around the hips, thighs and stomach.) More commonly seen in women, this dimpled appearance is caused by fat deposits that push up and put pressure on the connective tissue beneath the skin.  Cellulite generally appears where there is less circulation (such as the hips, thighs,) and as we age (due to hormonal imbalances and collagen breakdown).

To help ward off cellulite, start by eating clean! High ... [read more]

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