Hello Friends!

In response to my recent book  “Good Bacteria for Healthy Skin; Nurturing Your Skin Microbiome for Clear and Luminous Skin,” I’ve had a ton of questions around quick and easy ways to detox and rebalance skin for a healthy glow. So I created an 8-day Skin Detox Plan to nourish, rebalance and revitalize the skin, from the inside + out. Based on the principles in my book, the plan provides quick and easy tips to fit into anyone’s lifestyle. Why 8 days? While its true visible skin changes improve over time, you should see some change in skin health after 8 days with the integrated lifestyle, nutrition and skincare tips I’ve provided. Better yet, it should motivate you to keep going for better results!

How can you participate? Just follow the guidelines below, take the challenge, post your pics (don’t forget to tag me #skintoxchallenge @Nutribeautiful,) and you will be entered into a draw for a free wellness focused beauty consultation with me! Winner will be announced on Wednesday November 6th via Instagram. So let’s have some fun towards feeling and looking our best, good luck!

Yours in Health & Beauty,