Tis the season for social gatherings, sleepless nights and over indulgence at the festive parties. We are now in the peak of the holiday season and this is the time many of us begin to feel tired, stressed and unhealthy.

Here are some tips to consider;

Banish stress and sleeplessness nights – A lack of quality sleep puts us in a depleted state of mind and body (and can stimulate erratic eating and sugar cravings.) For sleepless nights, we know hot milk or chamomile tea taken before bed can ease a restless night. For natural health remedies, magnesium or melatonin can also help to promote healthy sleep cycles so you wake up rested and revitalized.

Maintain healthy blood sugar levels – When we skip meals or eat poorly our blood sugar and insulin levels go into a peak and valley response. To avoid the pitfalls of low energy, sugar cravings and potentially weight gain try to include high fiber foods into your diet or add a fiber supplement. There are many different types to choose from including tasteless powders that you mix in water or capsule forms taken before or in between meals. Be sure to keep up on your hydration too! Try a dash of cinnamon in your cereal or morning java to promote healthy blood sugar levels.

Unknown5Support Healthy Immunity – We know the importance of eating antioxidant rich foods to help maintain good health. But during the holidays you may want to consider extra support through nutrient dense foods, herbal teas or natural health products. Some of the top immune boosting and detoxifying ingredients include turmeric, ginger root, artichoke leaf, milk thistle seed, dandelion root, green and white tea leaves, broccoli sprouts and pre/probiotics.UnknownWishing you and yours a very happy and healthful holiday season!

Yours in Health & Beauty,