We have all experienced it! Fad diets focusing on imbalanced nutrition and claiming rapid weight loss (and there are millions out there!)

As a Nutritionist, I do believe “moderation and balance are key to optimal health and wellbeing.” Ultimately, the weight loss goal is to maximize fat loss (lipolysis) and minimize lean tissue loss (our metabolic fueling center.) With the plethora of diets out there, the success of the program may depend upon one’s age, health status and lifestyle.   Restrictive macronutrient manipulation from high protein to low fat diets, when followed over the long term, may be severely lacking  in certain health promoting nutrients. Overtime these diets can offset our physiological homeostasis, placing our total health at risk.

Have you ever seen someone who has followed a restrictive diet and although they have reached their weight loss goal, they look unhealthy? Especially their skin?

Skin is one of the most elastic parts of the body. It stretches and contracts to accommodate our changing body composition such as weight gain and weight loss. However, as we age our skin slowly begins to lose its elasticity. Thus, it responds even slower to changes in body composition. The skin is the largest organ of the body and places incredible nutrient demands for optimal skin cell turnover, protection and health. A deficiency in critical nutrients (caused by yo-yo dieting,) can negatively affect the overall appearance and tone of your skin.  Rapid weight loss/gain places physical stress on the skin’s structural integrity. Overtime, skin tone is lax and less resilient.

The best protocol for long term weight management is to re-establish normalized eating patterns, and it is here, where nutritional supplements with targeted nutrients to support a healthy body (and healthy skin) may help prevent nutritional deficiencies while losing weight.  Along with internal support, there are topical aesthetic procedures that may help tighten and tone skin while on a weight loss program. The most successful ones I have worked with complement treatments with nutritional supplementation for optimal results.

If you are trying to lose weight,  do your homework and watch out for restrictive programs that make outrageous and rapid weight loss claims. They could be doing more harm to your total health and your skin!

Yours in Health & Beauty,