It is only recently I have heard the hype regarding the health benefits of detoxification. But in reality, cleansing programs are not new and have been used as a means to rejuvenate the body and mind for many years. Today, we realize that we have managed to manipulate and drastically change the environment in which we live.  We have developed new ways to decrease the nutritional value of our food supply through processing and increased toxic exposure through both the environment and food chain.

Internal pollution occurs when unhealthful toxins overcome our eliminative pathways in the body. The intestine, the liver, skin, lungs and kidneys all have specific roles in neutralizing and eliminating toxins from our body. When these organs become overwhelmed, internal pollution will increase and can negatively impact overall health.

The DETOX and Beauty Connection

Studies show that environmental factors can have a negative impact on both the structure and properties of the skin, leading many experts to believe environmental pollutants can accelerate skin aging.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and barrier from the outside world. When your skin is constantly exposed to pollutants and UV damaging rays over an extended period of time, it becomes more vulnerable to free radical damage.  Excessive free radical exposure through a toxic diet and environmental pollutants harm the skin by damaging DNA and cell membranes that keep the skin plump and firm.

Over time, skin cells can no longer perform their normal functions such as healthy cell turnover, processing nutrients and eliminating waste. This can trigger irritation, inflammation and destroy collagen/elastin resulting in thin, wrinkled and blotchy skin.

GlisodinAlong with a healthy lifestyle, cleansing programs are great to help “clear” those key filters in the body to promote vitality and overall wellbeing. It is best to do a cleanse every 4 months or so, depending on your lifestyle. Watch out for cleanses that promote very low-calorie diets or contain harsh laxatives and diuretics. Good programs should support the digestive system and help to regulate the liver detox process. It is important to follow a “whole foods” eating plan and drink lots of distilled water while on the program. There may be some mild side effects in the first few days of the cleanse but by the end of the program your whole body will feel re-energized and your skin will be beautiful!

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