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Bringing Natural Health and Beauty Brands to Life, from Concept to Shelf


Looking to create a finished product within the natural health or beauty sector? Or launching a new ingredient into the industry? As an innovator and product development expert, I can help you construct tailored formulations for competitive market placement or guide your company through the step by step process including;

Creative brand strategy

Innovation & formulation design

Supply chain sourcing & management

Research development & clinical design

Technical writing for white papers, journals, regulatory dossiers

Brand + Educate

Whether building a brand portfolio or seeking expert endorsement for communications and education platforms. Consulting services can include;

Story telling & copywriting

Content marketing & branding assets 

Ambassador, advisory, contribution & expert commentary

Speaking engagements – conferences, webinars, podcasts, social media

Consultancy marketing & trends interviews

Individual Consultations 


Book Commentary "We are currently living through an exciting new scientific era that focuses on the microbiome. While voluminous research has been done on the gut microbiome, Paula Simpson has pulled back the curtains to reveal the secret life of our skin microbiome. In her book Paula reveals many astonishing facts about the microbial terrain of our body’s largest organ and how it affects everything from acne, hydration, skin barrier function, immune function and more. The book also highlights the crosstalk between the gut microbiome and the skin microbiome- truly our bodies are holistic and we can no longer think about certain parts as separate. Paula recommends an integrative approach to keeping our skin biome healthy and provides the steps and delicious and healthy recipes necessary to guide us along the way. I highly recommend this ground breaking book if you are interested in learning in depth about your skin’s biome and having the healthiest skin of your life!"

Dr. Anne Marie Fine, N.M.D. Bestselling Author of Cracking the Beauty Code: How to program your DNA for health, vitality, and younger-looking skin

Book Commentary "Good Bacteria for Healthy Skin is a thorough primer on skin health and how the microbiome interacts with it. The book provides clarity on a complex and ever-evolving science, and does so with wit, integrity, and authority. This is requisite reading if you want to better understand beauty from the inside out."

Dr. Shirley Madhere Founder, Holistic Plastic Surgery and Creator, Forever F.A.B. Podcast

Paula's formulation expertise, attention to detail and creative energy helped us produce a dietary supplement that complements our brand skincare standards; plant based, clean and natural skin wellness from the inside-out.

Lynne & Renee Co-Founder's Well Within Beauty

Paula provides valuable insights on nutricosmetics and beauty ingredients to the readers of Nutritional Outlook magazine, including information on market movements, trending ingredients, and category advancements. The editors at Nutritional Outlook rely on her tips

Jennifer Grebow Editor-in-Chief, Nutritional Outlook Magazine

Paula is a creative, detailed forward thinker possessing the technical knowledge and background coupled with the rare ability to communicate / convey / disseminate complex information into effective and compelling content that is easy to understand. Above all she is an extremely likeable person and a pleasure to work with

Tim Hammond Director of Sales & Strategic Relations, Bergstrom Nutrition

Paula is incredible. I have been writing editorial for 25+ years. I’ve interviewed I don’t even know how many people. I’ve conducted these interviews in person, over the phone and via email. I have never had anyone respond as thoroughly and as passionately as Paula. You can tell that she not only loves what she does but she’s on a mission to change people’s health and awareness.

Melody Lesser Founder at

As a leading expert in nutricosmetics, Paula Simpson has contributed smart and informative editorial content on hot ingredients, trends and beauty innovations. This past spring she was also part of our Cosmeceuticals Trends Forum at SupplySide MarketPlace, in which her knowledge and insights into beauty from within were the perfect platform for her well-received presentation. She is reliable, in-the-know and a great resource.

Alissa Marrapodi Managing Editor, Virgo Health & Nutrition

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