2014-02-15_0055With global recognition as a nutrition, product development and branding expert, Paula has dedicated her time in educating both the medical aesthetic and beauty industries of nutrition and supplementation to support natural beauty and healthy aging. With experience in consulting, communications, natural health product formulation and program development, Paula has successfully combined her scientific and holistic nutrition background to create some of the most successful weight loss and healthy aging programs available today. Her role as a Scientific Evaluator and Regulatory Consultant for Health Canada and some of the top nutraceutical companies worldwide has solidified her reputation as a leader in research and development for innovative nutrition programs & natural health products. As the Project Leader, Paula developed and guided an international weight loss program towards a successful launch in North America and Europe. As the Program Director for a prestige medical spa, she developed a weight loss and longevity program that was the impetus for the company’s rapid growth from an independent location, to a successful franchise.

As a Nutrition & Healthy Aging Expert, her strength in natural health proved successful for many clients including top celebrities, executives, children and competitive athletes. With her background in medical aesthetics and product development, Paula advises (from concept to shelf), for leading cosmetics and natural health companies to bring forth competitive and innovative brands. She is the co-founder and key formulator behind the premium ZSS Skincare and GSN Nutricosmetic Lines. She is regularly sought after as an industry speaker and media expert with appearances on E! NEWS, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, MSNBC, ARISE ENTERTAINMENT 360, TELEMUNDO, LX TV, ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, GOOD MORNING AMERICA HEALTH, BETTER TV, KTLA, ABC and FOX NEWS. Paula is a frequent contributor for many of the leading health, beauty and spa publications worldwide. As their Expert Nutritionist, Paula is currently on NewBeauty Magazine’s medical advisory board. In 2013, she was recognized by New Hope 360 as one of the leading innovators & powerful women in the natural beauty industry. 

A Word from Paula about Nutricosmetics

Nutraceuticals are natural health products formulated with isolated nutrients commonly found in food or botanicals that offer a restorative action within the body. With focus on preventative health, these products are specially formulated to support targeted physiological systems, such as the immune, digestive, cardiovascular system, joint/bone or ocular health.  More recently, an increasingly popular category of supplements to support healthy aging and natural beauty are Nutricosmetics. This type of natural health product provides unique formulations with strong antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties to support a healthy immune system, optimize skin health and help to protect the body from stressors that can accelerate the aging process.  In working as a nutritionist, scientific formulator and regulatory specialist, I am grateful to have consulted and developed products with some of the leading nutraceutical and beauty companies worldwide.  As part of my journey, I built this site to help pull the “fact” from the “fiction” on this rapidly emerging category within the healthy aging and beauty sectors.


I hope you enjoy it.